SoL European Forum

Welcome to Stockholm and The SoL European Forum May to explore
the Transformation of Organisations and Values in a new reality!

The toxic influence of our collapsing economic system is being felt across business, the environment and our society. A more human-centred capitalism is emerging to replace it, driven not from above, but by people from all levels and sectors.

  • How can we contribute to the systemic change going on in organizations, business and society at large (economy, ecology, politics …)?
  • Is there a need for a new generation of leadership?
  • How can we, as a SoL community, engage our collective intelligence to address today’s challenging issues?

SoL Sweden, and The Society for Organizational Learning  invite you to explore the shift taking place in Europe in cultural, ecological and economic fields and its challenge for our corporations and societies.

We strongly believe that you are part of the next generation of leadership and welcome you to co-create the new reality from a perspective of Organizational Learning and Systemic change.

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Forum Output & Resources

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You will experience three days where you together with other inspiring people will explore, co-create and learn from experiences and theories about a new reality!

We will meet for plenary sessions, workshops, learning circles, breaks and activities that will stimulate your learning and exploration. All through there will be dialogue where you can challenge your thoughts with others and engage in collective learning.

Every morning and throughout the three days we will invite you to shorter moments of mindful movements, music, meditations and other activities that will stimulate body, feelings and mind. We will also spend time in nature, being in a beautiful park.

Day 1

Will inspire and plant a seed with keynote speakers, and a smorgasbord of different workshops. The evening will be spent in different locations downtown Stockholm.

Day 2

Will open up for tools for transformation in learning circles with experienced storytellers from different companies. There will be more workshops,  Open Space conversations addressing next generation values and visions and also inspiring and interesting leaders speaking.

Day 3

Is about integration of learnings, harvesting and reflecting in groups, bringing it to a personal level. A keynote will start our day and we will also use nature as a teacher.

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About the program


We offer 25+ co-creative workshops on topics like  The art of leading young,  Values consciousness, Leadership embodiment, Organisational transformation and Lean Learning.

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Learning Circles – Storytelling

For the Learning circles selected Storytellers will share powerful stories from their own learning experiences.

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A New Reality

The next generation of Leadership
The new generation of companies are contributing to real change in harmony with the needs of people and society. New business models are rapidly emerging, built on transparency, values and collaboration in cooperation with consumers and competitors. A combined economicalecological and social shift changes the reality for leadership both in organizations and society at large.

The core essence of the new generation of leadership calls for people’s participation. It comes down to you and me and what we can create together. It’s not a question of age, it’s about our ability and courage to take a new leadership in our personal and professional lives. It raises questions such as: How do we want to lead and be led? How do we want to organize and be organized? How can we inspire and be inspired? And how can we bring the new leadership to emerge? Read more…

Speakers, Storytellers, Workshop leaders

Peter Senge and Barrett C. Brown.

SoL Founder Peter Senge together with Barrett C Brown, Johan Rockström, Kajsa Balkfors, Pär Larshans, Tor Eneroth, Katarina Chowra, Göran Gennvi, Bo Rex, Heidi Sparks Guber, Göran Carstedt, Johanna Frelin, Simon Werbart Flato  and many more will be there to share and inspire.

About the Speakers, Storytellers and Workshop leaders

Articles and Papers

Articles and Papers

Welcome to be inspired by these Articles and Papers written by our Speakers and Workshop leaders

Program Team

Feel free to contact any member of the Program team if you have questions, requests or suggestions.

Join SoL to be inspired – and inspire others, explore and experience, and participate in an international learning community of people and organisations building knowledge for systemic change.

The SoL European Forum Program Team:
Irène Dupoux-Couturier, Elisabeth Martini,  SoL France
Anita Frank, Petra Wagner-Luptacik, SoL Austria
Timo Järvensivu, Matti Willamo, SoL Finland
Paul Van Nobelen, SoL Netherlands
Anthi Theiopoulou, Odysseas Velentzas, SoL Greece
Ana Arrabè, SoL Spain, Bjarne Berg Wig, Norway
Steen Buchreitz Jensen,  SoL Denmark
Stephen Parry, SoL UK,  Agota Ruzsa, SoL Hungary
Annika Bergenheim, Agneta Dieden, Jonas Dieden, Christer Evans, Johanna Gillberg, Mats Gylemo, Jan Henriksson, Stuart Pledger, Ylva Skoogh, SoL Sweden



Our partners in organising  the SoL European Forum are: