SoL Sweden

A new way of thinking is taking shape; organizations and societies are seen as living organisms and the man as a creative power in them. This changed way of approach opens the mind and gives possibilities to approach “old questions” in a new way.

SoL Sweden provides possibilities to learn more about  these new approaches and philosophies and to create dialogues and conversations around them, and consequently to bring more creativity and improved leadership into change management in companies and organizations.


This is SoL (Society for Organizational Learning)

SoL  is an international knowledge network  of researchers, consultants and practitioners from business and other organizations, with a focus on Systemic change and Organizational learning. It was founded in 1997 in collaboration with MIT in Boston USA. SoL Sweden is a local network within this international organization.

The aim of SoL is to develop, share and practice theories, methods and techniques for mutual development of people and organizations.

Read more about SoL Purpose and SoL Principles.


As a member of SoL Sweden

  • you live as you learn
  • you have a humanistic approach
  • you think that everyone can and has a desire to develop and that the man is part of a whole
  • you are curious and want both to learn by yourself and to teach others
  • you listen, question, have opinions, think global, act local and see possibilities.