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Welcome to SoL Learning Plaza 2022 hybrid event!

For online participation you can register here: => Register here

The online and onsite participants will be together for a large part of the program for these two days. The online Participants will have their own Leaning Conversations in the afternoon of May 31st, and their own Learning visits in the morning of June 1st.

All “call in connections” will happen via Zoom.
The Zoom links for the plenary meetings and for the separate Learning Conversations and Learning Visits will be available on this page, and will also be sent out to each of the registerd Learning Plaza participants in advance.

You will also have the opportunity to involve yourself in “conversations” via Miro in order to overbridge the time differences from the coast of Eastern Japan to the coast of Western USA

The most convenient way to connect to the links for the online Learning Plaza 2022 is via the Miro board, where each part of the Plaza program is displayed via a clickable image.
Instructions on how to enter into the Miro Board are available here. How to register on Miro => Learn more here

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The different Zoom link will also be displayed on this websit within shortly, and sent out to you., for
- Plenary meetings:
- Online learning circles:
- Online learning visits:

Miro is also a tool for Online collaboration:

SoL LEARNING PLAZA ONLINE PROGRAM: See full program incl links further down this page

Round 1) 1.15 - 2:10pm CET
-1 Storyteller. Anna Rex
-2 Storyteller: Andrew Whitley
-3 Storyteller. Anastasia Nekrasova

Round 2) 3:15 - 4:10pm CET
-4 Storyteller: Anna Rex
-5 Storyteller: Alan Dubner)
-6 Storyteller: Anastasia Nekrasova

- 9:00am CET: A visit to the Saami People
- 10am CET Ubuntu in Practice - Redefining the Joburg inner-city landscape
- 3:15pm CET Indigenous Amazon Tribe Call to the world

For online participation you can also register here: => Register here

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Online Program Sol Learning Plaza 2022

DAY 1, May 31st 8:50 CET Welcoming online Participants
• Zoom Link for Online Participants:
• Access to Miro:

- Leadership in a living system - Keynote conversation; Göran Carstedt& Dennis Sandow (Hybrid)
Zoom Link:

- Exploring living systems through embodiment.Group constellation work, Martijn Meima (Hybrid)
Zoom Link:

- Online presentation of the afternoon Learning Conversations

- How did today’s lunch travel to your plate? Hans von Essen about sustainable food quality. (Hybrid)

Zoom Link:


- Conversation about inner and outer world
- Connection to Earth – Natalia
Zoom Link:

- Learning Conversations 1 (Separate online Learning Conversations): Miro:

• Divide and Rule - how we might learn from fungal networks. Regenerative Food systems:

• Are our stories our friends?:
• The new living and Learning Organisational Paradigm:

- Mindshifts we need for breakthrough - Inner Development Goals (IDG) as a lever of true progress:
Keynote conversation; Peter Senge and Jan Artem Henriksson (hybrid)
Zoom Link:

- Learning Conversations 2 (Separate online Learning Conversations): Miro:
• Indigenous People of Brazil´s Amazon Rainforest:
• Are our stories our friends?:
• The new living and Learning Organisational Paradigm:

- Exploring deeper and subtler dynamics underlying our conversations. Group constellation work, Martijn Meima&Fredericque te Dorshorst (hybrid)

- Reflections Day 1 Facilitated by Roslyn Solomon and Johanna Gillberg (online)
Zoom Link:

- Progeam for Day 2; (in Stockholm and online). Details of Learning visits and logistics (online) Zoom Link:

18:00 CET - End of Day 1.

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DAY 2, June 1st.
LEARNING VISITS (Online Learning Visits)

• 9:00 – 10.00 CET Social coherence and Community - A film about the Saami People, the last indigenous people in Europe.

• 10:00 – 12:30 CET Human wellbeing in systems: Ubunto in Practice - Redefining the Joburg inner-city landscape

* 15:15 CET -“Indigenous Amazon Tribe Call to the World", an online Learning visit in the Amazon Forest with an onsite host in Stockholm of the young indigenous activists Adri Maffioletti and Txai Surui bringing wisdom and awareness to us.” (hybrid).

- 16:15 CET- How do I walk differently from here? Harvesting learnings, Call to Action,Initiating network of networks Facilitated by Nilesh (online conversation) 16.45 - 17.00 CET Closure of the SoL Learning Plaza 2022. Goodbye and Happy continued Learning and Action!

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Happy learning journey!