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Date(s) - 31/05/2022 - 01/06/2022



Welcome to Stockholm and The SoL Learning Plaza May 31st + June 1st, 2022 – a call for action from a systems view of the urgent global challenges for people and their organizations.

SoL Sweden and the Global SoL Association are delighted to invite you to participate in this Learning Plaza in the beautiful surroundings of Stockholm!
A challenge presented by Arie de Geus
This event is our response to the challenge presented by Arie de Geus at the Global Forum in 2014:
“I think what is needed, what is waiting for you, the next generation, is to find ways to change the internal structures of business and governmental institutions to become much more in harmony with the value systems that have developed since the second world war. That´s your job. That´s what is waiting for you and that´s a very difficult problem. That´s really organizational learning by accommodation”.
The  Learning Journey
However the Learning Journey is happening already now! Please look out for upcoming webinars to join along the way!
The members of the self organizing design team, are already fully engaged, focusing on the following themes:
*Human wellbeing in systems
*Regenerative food systems
*Social coherence and Community
*Living learning organisations
Registrations will open mid January 2022
Address: Royal Park Conference, Frösundaviks Allé 15, Solna
Telephone: +46-771-50 55 00
Looking forward to meet you there!

One Comment on “SoL Learning Plaza 2022 in Stockholm + Zoom”

  1. My Partner, Zahira Crasta & I, would like to register for the Living Learning Organisations track at the SOL Sweden Learning Plaza on May 31st & June 1st.
    Kindly guide us with the way forward.
    Jyoti Bose
    New Delhi

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