Storytelling – are our stories our friends

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Karta Otillgänglig

Date(s) - 09/02/2023
17:30 - 20:00

Mäster Samuelsgatan 60


Välkommen till årets första medlemsmöte med SoL Sweden torsdag den 9 februari 2023 kl 17:30 (17:50) – 20:00!

Theme: Are our stories our friends? – Human stories and how they reflect ways we look at ourselves, our relationships and the world.
Every human being is a barrel full of stories. When we try to find solutions to our challenges, we bring those stories with us. Are they serving and supporting us or are they hindering us and leading us away from ‘the whole and unity’ we all are and experience deep within us?
Human’s stories

Our passion is ‘human’s stories’ and how they reflect ways we look at ourselves, our relationships and the world. Stories influence us in who we are, what we think and what we do in life. We support and coach people, teams and organizations to be aware of the stories they live and tell. When an ‘invisible’ story at play is surfaced, one becomes choiceful in how to make a ‘better’ sense of what they want to do and achieve in life, in their teams and organizations.

The purpose of this conversation is to explore together the different layers of a story that is being told by using the 5th disciplines and the different perspectives to look at a conversation.
Experiences from the Stockholm Learning Plaza 2022
Our session on February 9th builds on our experiences from the Stockholm Learning Plaza 2022, and we will use the conversation cards we developed by our international SoL-group- Sylvie Faisandier, Frédérique te Dorsthorst-de Muij and Anastasia Nekrasova. The cards are designed to help us not only tell and listen to our stories, but also enrich and transform them for better impact.
What would happen if we listened this way to any story we hear– from different perspectives and in every conversation?
Date & Address

Date: February 9th, 2023

Time: 17.30 (17:50) – 20.00.  “On site” participants are welcome from 17:30 for mingle and refreshments. Zoom meeting will open around 17:50, and we will then start the meeting at 18.

Adress: Regus, Mäster Samuelsgatan 60, Stockholm.
We would recommend you, if possible, to join us “on site” for this meeting, however zoom will also be available for you who cannot be there in person. Let us know when you register, and we will send you our Zoom link.
Our meeting will be either in Swedish or English – or both, depending on who are coming.
For our planning we need your registration at latest on Monday February 6th to
Welcome to join our conversation!

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